#ThrowbykeThurzday: When Corrupting a Linguistic..

Kicking off the infamous return of this blog, I wanted to bring back something I know a lot of music enthusiasts would enjoy as much as I do. Reminiscing on a very old album that you remember your mother singing out loud, with way too much poise, while doing the dishes. Though old, doesn’t mean it’s dismissed and I know we could all come to consensus that this piece of art is far fetched from ever being dismissed because it was one of those that made you…feel something. The moment you realized why your mother would belt out the lyrics with so much emotion.

You know what I mean by this. We are not talking the ooey, gooey, mushy, wushy feeling. We are talking the oh-my-goodness-I-just-got-my-heart-broken-and-I-need-to-snapback-immediately feeling and The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is known for making us think just that…though we can’t all execute a perfect post-breakup the way Hill can.

So, if you are going through it. This one is for you. I’m here for you.

Some of the characteristics this album, Lauryn, you and I obtain do not stray too far from similar. We’ve all been invested in a platonic or romantic relationship that has taken a great deal on our conscious. Large enough for a thought to creep up…‘I should definitely write a song about this.’ Only difference is that Lauryn actually went out and did the damn thing, but she did not write just one song. No. No. No.

She wrote an entire album.

Lauryn Hill wrote an entire album that has post-breakup written all up and down it, but she wasn’t just saying farewell to an ex-lover, she was saying farewell to the version of herself that was brought to life when that clip of her life was rolling.

Soft is a diminished way of describing how the intro of this project makes you feel due to the sound of twinkling chimes and the hint of an acoustic strum, but quickly gets rhythmic as it progresses. Word to one of my favorite tracks…this is crazy, this is crazy…that homegirl is capable of repeating instruments and voice tones just to make them sound different in 16 ways. Along with the messages of the tracks on the album itself, everybody loves hearing a blatant fuck you being carried on a songs back while also describing why that feeling is being carried out in the first place. Sis bit the bullet and reflected back on how these past relationships made her and the people around her at the time change and channeled the energy into your mom’s favorite mopping music.

Without going into analysis of every track, I do still want to bring up the topic of how iconic Hill is for even having the audacity to put something, with this much volume, like this out. The amount of vulnerability she had to possess to lay it all out there in order to get her own closure is something we should all snap our fucking fingers to.

Shoutout to the winter time for making us all sad to the point where we romanticize romance itself. I know I’m not the only one. Bigger shoutout to Lauryn Hill and this album. If he ain’t shit, girl, let him go. Make Lauryn and I proud.


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