#SipWitMeSunday: Triple Shot Americano Music

Everybody loves Sundays and the most beautiful part about that affirmation is knowing it’s all for completely different reasons.

Sundays could be associated with running errands, getting your life together, or just laying in bed, all day, trying to figure out which keurig cup you should use for Monday morning. Whatever the rationale…there is always music making it’s way into this lovely day in the week.

My favorite part of da Lawrd’s day is picking which music is going to set my mood for the entirety of it. Whether that be instrumentals, chopped & screwed, or music where artists talk far too fast. It all depends on how my hair looks when I wake up and what coffee I decide to order the morning of.

Since I know you love music just as I, I’ve made you a playlist to dwindle this beautiful 24 hours down.

Just for you.

Yes, you. Listen.


  1. Golden Time Of Day – Maze
  2. Happy Feelin’s – Maze
  3. Po’ Folks – Nappy Roots
  4. Moonstruck – Sinkane
  5. Satisfied ‘N’ Tickled Too – Taj Mahal
  6. Passed You By – Chicano Batman
  7. Everybody’s Talkin – Harry Nilsson
  8. Baby Cry – 9th Wonder
  9. Want Baby – 9th Wonder
  10. Tender Love – 9th Wonder
  11. Tao Tao Love – 9th Wonder
  12. Gilly Chop – 9th Wonder
  13. Smooth Love – 9th Wonder
  14. Know You Can – 9th Wonder
  15. LetMeRideSoul!!!!! – 9th Wonder
  16. WhenLoveIsNew!!!!!!!!! – 9th Wonder
  17. ShoobeedooSoul!!!!! – 9th Wonder 

(Sense a pattern? Nah.)




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