#ThrowbykeThurzday: A Group of Paragons..

Can I get a old? OLD.

Can I get a head? HEAD. 

What’s that combined? Old head. Which is not what all of us are, but I’m sure our collective love for gems will make us capable of agreeing on some of the same music.

Happy Thursday. I’m back to celebrate an album that will, hopefully, help you look forward to your last day being stuck in an elevator before the holidays and that will make you think of an era that was so infamously famous for great ass music.

Close your eyes. Imagine it’s 1993, you have your Discman in one hand and a handful of gummy cola bottles in the other. It’s broad daylight, your leaning on a light post in the city as your head is bobbing side-to-side and your feet are tapping continuously.

What are you listening to?

In..this..case..(word to that computer lady) you’re bumping Midnight Marauders by none other than A Tribe Called Quest. Their third body of work they released that turned into an album worth remembering, seeing as it has been sampled, flipped, spun, and everything else in between.

Not to compare this album to The Low End Theory, but the discography on this project revolved much more around funk rather than jazz and noticing this only made you more intrigued on how they were even capable of mixing this with kicks, drums and lyrical linguistics. After this release the industry knew this group was a force to be reckoned with as this was what made them stand out so much. We also soon found out what Q-Tip and Phife were capable of and that was so much more than just speed talking. Their ability to comprehend spirituality into an enthralling flow was overwhelming and even makes you wanna run dat shit back a couple times.

Though it is not 1993 anymore, we are still living and breathing in a world where it is still socially acceptable to listen to music that came out more than 20 years ago. Whether that’s what you’re into or not…you can’t lie to me and say A Tribe Called Quest didn’t pave the way for rap music to this day.

If you’re familiar, go back into the time machine and if you’re not familiar..take my hand and we can dig in the vaults together. There will be something there that I know you’ll like.

Honorable mentions: Award Tour, Sucka Nigga, Electric Relaxation, Oh My God, The Chase Part II, God Lives Through. (Seriously, listen to these and I promise your day will get better.)


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