#SipWitMeSunday: Hot Brew, No Cream, & No Sugar Music

Happy Sunday. Sundaze. I’m in a daze. I woke up looking into the sun’s gaze. She told me to stop staring at her as if she were a maze, but I couldn’t stop because her acceptance was confusing. How she opened her arms so wide for me like I was the one she was choosing. For the day, she is embracing my ability to embrace her. The clasping of our souls begins to occur, but she continues to shine right through me and seeing her be so…she is beauty.

Enjoy the way the world looks around you..along with a cup of coffee or two, but while doing so, listen to this when taking in your surroundings.


  1. Shaolin Monk Motherfunk – Hiatus Kaiyote
  2. pickup – Pink Siifu
  3. Blossom Dearie – Ravyn Lenae
  4. Switch Lanes – Simpson
  5. Ikarus – Ladi6
  6. Courtside – Triathalon
  7. Gotta Know (feat. Jerry Paper) – Kari Faux
  8. Show Me How – Men I Trust
  9. Diddy Bop (feat. Cam O’bi & Raury) – Noname
  10. Anita – Smino
  11. Blue Sky – Lou Berry
  12. Lake Michigan – Netherfriends
  13. Sober – Mahalia
  14. Stoney – Saba
  15. Gwendolynn’s Apprehension – Mick Jenkins

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