The credits on the film that was this year have rolled and as we nicely say “farewell and fuck you!” to 2018, we also greet 2019. Though, this is the year for change there are some things from last year I’m sure you and I would both love to take with us on our journey to a new trek.

No, I’m not talking about bad habits, people that made you feel horrible, or that poorly executed Life Size 2 movie that we were all excited for, but we all know flopped.

I’m talking about the beautiful ass music that dropped…and those spongebob stills that I will never stop using as reaction pictures.

Let’s reminisce with positivity and prosperity on the music that made you and I smile, laugh, sing, dance, and even…cry.

Now, this IS a list, and I’m sure you have your own opinions on those, but, believe it or not, this list was a little difficult to make considering a large amount of music has had an impact on me over the course of 2018. Don’t think of this as a label of worst to best, but try to think of it as what music made what kind of impression.

10. Freddie – Freddie Gibbs

I cannot tell a lie, the old head in me jumped out after hearing this album. It’s so hard to not be a slave to almost everything Freddie decides to put out for us because the energy in his music is unforgettable and this man is a whole icon.

9. Swimming – Mac Miller

“Self care, I’m treatin’ me right.” If this lyric/song alone didn’t set the entire mood for your new year then I’m going to need you to listen to it again. Though, Mac isn’t with us..his spirit still us and it’s one that will bear positivity with us always.

8. ensley – Pink Siifu

When you wake up feeling soft and lovely and thankful to be walking on the beautiful grounds of this very earth is not something you feel everyday, but when you do it should be celebrated and the embodiment of this feeling is written all over this breathtakingly..long..album. Pink Siifu hasn’t just begun his music journey, but hopefully being in the spotlight with most recent drops it will begin a successful one.

7. Punken – Maxo Kream

Even the rappers that seem to not rap about anything other than what they know make some of the best albums to listen to and they often become very catchy..too catchy sometimes.

6. Pieces of a Man – Mick Jenkins

Without taking note of his musical come tea, no shade sis..this album surprised thoroughly. After The Healing Component I didn’t think I’d like anything else Jenkins would drop, ultimately I was thinking The Water (S) was his peak, but after a careful listen of this new one I knew it would be one of those to remember from the year.

5. KRYPTONYTE – Kryptonyte

Ah, yes. Texas music. I’m from Texas which deems me to favor (most) Texas artists, but this group caught my ear in a different way that a lot of up and coming rap groups don’t. To say they’re different would be too cliche, and that word is something they’re far from. Unique is aliens that still pay homage to a Texas style.

4. Nasty – Rico Nasty

Rico? Nasty? Oh, you mean THAT BITCH? Yes. That’s her. The ultimate album that made you proud to be a woman..while also wanting to beat another woman’s ass. Out of love of course.

3. Dump Gawd: Dream Killer – Tha God Fahim

I have to admit, I was a late bloomer when it came to discovering Tha God Fahim, but this album and I made eye contact and it was love at first sight..or should I say love at first track because after listening to it I just had to hear the whole project. His flow..his rhymes..his messages. All worth while. (Not to mention the discography is fucking amazing.)

2. Whack World – Tierra Whack

It was really hard to not make this album my all time favorite of the year. You know when you listen to an album all the way through for the first time and it tugs at you in a way that only a life experience could..Tierra Whack’s aura is infamous for doing this to you and we did not deserve this 15 minute audiovisual, but did she give it to us anyway? Yes.

1. Some Rap Songs – Earl Sweatshirt

Sometimes the albums that have helped us out the most become some of our favorites, and that’s exactly how I resonate with this album. Though, it was born late in the game it still did it’s unmistakable damage to our emotions for the last couple of months of the year. As soon as The Mint released I knew that the album to come was going to amaze me in a way unimaginable and that? It did.

This list was mainly made for my own satisfaction, but also to put you on because we all know that’s my real job here..and to provide you with my unwanted opinions on music, but without analyzing from a biased point of view.

So, let’s start this year with a clean slate..almost as if being optimistic is our fate. Letting go of ignorance and toxicity and holding onto remembrance and our human elasticity.

Happy new year, here’s to us and music.


Honorable Mentions: Die Lit – Playboi Carti, i’m still. – Pink Siifu, Supreme Blientele – Westside Gunn, Rico – PNTHN, Veteran – JPEGMAFIA, Underdog – Duwap Kaine, DAYS B4 II EP – LUCKI, Stokeley – Ski Mask The Slump God, Poor Decisions, Good Intentions – King Khali, Crush EP – Ravyn Lenae, Room 25 – Noname, Chest Pains – Warhol.SS, Fetti – Freddie Gibbs, Curren$y, & The Alchemist, Chapter2wo – Reek & Sage, Are You Even Listening? – Fritogang

(Psst. If you wanna hear some of my fave tracks off these joints I got you.)

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