Extra extra! Read all about this tea I’m about to spill and try not to get offended!

Do you remember those kids you went to high school with that you barely talked to, but whenever you did all they would talk about was the music that they uploaded to Soundcloud?

We all went to school with someone like that and I know at first we all thought they were crazy, or even idiotic, for being so upfront about something that you probably used to get second hand embarrassment from. Well, now it’s been a couple of years since you graduated and that memory has been suppressed whilst simultaneously been made into countless memes on the internet. One day you’re listening to your Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify and, all and behold, you hear a song come on that sounds a lot like the person you slept on in high school.

As an individual who yearns for music from any and everyone, 50% of the time I found myself guilty of feeling this way towards a lot of my peers who were just trying to chase their dreams and their bag. As I got older, not only did my music taste mature but so did my perspective on the people around me who were trying to establish themselves as artists. It’s a hard knock life out there in this industry that is constantly changing and being critiqued in some of the worst and most beautiful ways.

Being from, and living in, such a special state like Texas gives me a little bit of leverage on this topic of discussing why it is so important to give a lending ear to artists trying to get themselves out there because we all know…Texas breeds legends. Travis Scott? Beyonce? Pimp C? Janis Joplin? Big Pokey? Outkast? Selena? Willie Nelson? OUTKAST???? You get it.

So, here I am with my quick list of just a few artists based in Texas that need more clout, and I say a few because this really isn’t even half of them. All you have to do is give them a chance. Trust me, I know what you want.


It’s not everyday that soloists can come together and create such a superior work of art, it will either end as an overshadowing disaster or the most ethereal thing you can imagine and that’s exactly what these 4 completely different artists did. With only 3/4 members hailing from the big D, they still manage to pay ode to the city’s sound. Their mix of screw, hard bass and technical lyricism is enough to make anyone feel the need to run a track back more than once.


These 3 exceptional independents have been releasing music since 2006, but have just recently caught the eye of Texas and it has been very exciting. Seeing the love child of alternative and hip-hop being reincarnated in their sound should be notable enough world-wide…if we keepin’ it a buck.


“That real ass bitch that you talkin’ about!” Female MC on the come up rooted from the Screwston city, London has been making music since long before I’ve known about her to appreciate her, 2010 to be exact. With everything she’s gone through you’d think this natural talent of hers was an escape, but really it was just what everyone does when living in Houston. You either live in Houston and rap or get wrapped.


Port Arthur rapper, Mickey Woods Jr., is someone who confides in himself and is comfortable with that fact and after listening to his music it was fairly easy to come up with this conclusion on him. Living in the time we do now, it’s refreshing to listen to growing artists who know exactly who they are and what they want in life through their own art.


Reigning at only teen years old, Bby Kodie is one of the youngest trap influencers coming out of Texas and we’re all here for it. His attitude and his rhymes are filthy in the cleanest way. His light might stray far from the Screwston city sound, but everybody needs something new in their life and maybe this is the puzzle piece Texas has been missing.


  • PNTHN – San Marcos, TX / Rap Group

A rap collective that sums up the entire idea of an apex level superhero that has 9 unique superpowers. Though San Marcos patrons, they love to interpret sound from all over Texas, due to each individual being from different areas of the state. This wide variety of personalities, skills and flows ends in magic every time they drop a project.


Everybody loves a rapper that can also tell a story and when it’s someone that’s been through turmoil and back it only makes the music that more special. Khali’s ability to shed light on his own life over a selection of sounds brings a stimulation to Texas ears that’s irreplaceable and is honestly slept on (as fuck).


Just one of the creative minds in the collective known as CAUSEOFDEATH, 80s is a rapper that is well known in San Antonio, TX for almost perfecting the formula of a genre of music that has no name and no category at all. His culty aesthetic that he ties into his music isolates him from other rappers in the area in an eccentric way. His direction of having no direction makes his sound for everyone.

Moral of the story…when that rando sends you their Soundcloud link click on that bitch.


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