Psst. Come here, I have something I want to tell you.

*whispers* If you haven’t been supporting your local artists this is your friendly reminder to do so.

Remember when Isaiah Rashad said “You my favorite topic“? I really felt that, except about Texas artists because they truly hold a special place in my heart.

It’s time for me to put you guys on again and this one is special. It’s also different, but it’s 2019, a little different hasn’t hurt anybody yet.

Let’s talk about the genre that is neo-soul for a second because it’s one of those that really makes you feel, even when you don’t have the desire to. This blueprint section of music is unmistakably one of the most sincere, almost as if the method to its creation came out of wholehearted-ness. Speaking of feeling profound, let’s go ahead and get into why you and I are both really here right now.

So, hear me out! Hear me out! I love bands and I want to tell you about this one I’ve recently discovered, we just witnessed a red moon a couple days ago, but we should discuss Blumoon. (I’m sorry, I had to.)

Blumoon is an alternative R&B band curated out of San Marcos, TX. Though, their style of music can be categorized, the feeling you get when listening to their music can’t be and it’s the most notable thing about them. Since 2017, they’ve been enchanting the world with beautiful sounds with an album, Decisions, Decisions, and have been currently working on a new project to drop in February. If you’re not excited I promise that will change after you listen to what they’re capable of doing.

They recently dropped a single, called Melt Away, and when I heard it I immediately knew everyone else deserved to as well. Listening to it for the first time felt like Erykah Badu giving me a warm welcome into her delicate space, but then listening to it a fifth time felt like being in a sandwiched hug between Freddie Hubbard and Badu. Both feelings can’t be replaced with anything else and that saying goes for this unique group of musicians as well.

Grab your tea, plop down on your 4 year old couch, close your eyes and listen.



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