Back in the gat,

Wrist on slatt.

Nah, y’all know I’m not a rapper. Today I’m gone put you onto someone who is though.

Happy Thursday, Valentine’s Day, getcha-paper-up day, or whatever other occasion you are choosing to pursue today. It’s been a minute, but there wasn’t one going by where I’m sure you and I weren’t listening to music. I know you’re always looking to listen to someone or something new and Blake Saint David…they’ve been on my queue for awhile.

Do you guys ever type in random words into the Spotify search engine just to see what will come up? Or is that just me? Well, that’s what happened here when I came across Chicago bred artist, Blake Saint David. A tune that promptly made my face go stank and my ears go, “yo! Who dis?!“. HearingĀ Stupid Games, Bad Ideas for the first time was like love at first…listen and we all know that is a feeling I cherish wholeheartedly. Yes, a hip-hop ditty that makes you want to bop and get jiggy while you brush your teeth (just like the video).

Growing up, Blake didn’t even listen to a lot of rap music, outside from the world’s favorites like Kanye, Cudi and Drake. With the way they rhyme, you’d assume apart from the fact. Their music doesn’t even stay in that one lane either, it’s anomalous, outlandish and down right fucking good. Not one glide is like the other stride and what you hear cannot be copied, nor smeared.

Ambivalence is this philosopher’s way of thinking and I think we’re going to hear a lot more of it with an upcoming album Blake is working on. Which I hope will be soon, considering I’ve done my fair share of overplaying what they’ve already got out on Soundcloud.

You should 100% follow in my foot steps and do the same because IĀ know what you want to hear. Hand in hand, trust my ear. Kiss your artist friends today.


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