#HEARMEOUT: Tierra Whack – Only Child

Gather ’round, wallflowers!

I’ve got something for you. A little gift.

Well, I’m not really the one giving it to you, Tierra Whack is, but I thought it was significant enough to boast about…so, you better appreciate the fuck out of it anyway!

Now, this is not something I normally do, but we’re going to go with it because you guys like what I tell you to listen to. You trust me and I promise I won’t ever try to do anything to break this bond we have. (I’m a gemini though, you know I’m made up of more than one mind.)

Y’all saw the grammys?

Yeah, me neither.

All I know is that Tierra Whack was nominated for one and it made my colorful heart really happy to see someone who exudes creativity and black girl weirdness to finally get some recognition. I mean, we know Rihanna, Beyonce, Janet Jackson, and Whitney Houston have won grammies, but Tierra Whack is nothing like these women…dare I say…she’s a little better.

Hear me out!

Do you know any other female artist, in this day in age, putting out alternative content while simultaneously RAPPING?


Yeah, that’s what I thought. Now, sit down and listen to this new single, Only Child, that she dropped today because if you didn’t already know Whack, you ’bout to learn today. I know things can seem a little bias in this house, but with good reasoning.

So, bear with me.

First, the title alone should intrigue you, especially if you can relate. Even if you can’t, I’m sure you’ve always wondered what it’s like to be one. Then, the synth noises in the first couple of seconds?! Playful and unstable, just like our generation! Whack could sense this and her lyrics reflected the exact same adjectives as she goes into issues on heartbreak with wittiness and pettiness. A stingy queen we can admire! Her variety of talent shines too bright in this joint and I just want you all to appreciate this track the way I did when I first heard it.

You might run it back more than once.

I won’t judge you if you do.


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