I decided to leave my cave.

As a music..journalist? Scientist? Reviewer? It doesn’t take much for me to do my job, leaving the vicinity of my work space is not necessary, but when a live event to see amazing performers is calling my name over and over again…I must oblige.

One of our new favorite bands decided to throw three amazing album release parties/shows and you know I had to step out and show my love and support because..I mean..their new album, Slow Burn, was fucking amazing!

Blumoon merchandise; including CDs, stickers, etc.

I already favor seeing bands live, it’s almost like hearing a really good radio station on Pandora that you’ve run out of skips on, but you’re not upset about it because every song that comes on gives you that real content feeling. We should know Blumoon’s music goes beyond the borders of content though and it wasn’t just them performing either. Alongside them were Sasha & The Valentines and Christelle Bofale and both acts were just as great keeping up with the pleasant energy flowing throughout the event.

Sasha & The Valentines

Imagine a calligraphist writing down the word ‘aesthetic’ in a very fancy pen. The slickness, the ease and the way that it brings so much pleasure to the eye when watching. That’s what Sasha & The Valentines music sounds like. They were first opening act to bring the house down and get everyone into the groove, prior I had no knowledge on this band or what kind of music they made, but was I thoroughly fulfilled after hearing?

You bet your sweet, hipster ass I was.

Christelle Bofale

You want vocals that sound like a breath of fresh air mixed with sounds that are comparable to the sun coming out after a rainy and gloomy day? Imma need you to check out this magical woman, Christelle Bofale. Not only was she beguiling to the eye, but to my ears as well and I cannot thank Blumoon enough for bringing her out so I could witness this talented performer for the first time.

Hopefully, it won’t be the last time.

Blumoon; Kendra (lead singer), Isaac (drummer), Andrew (lead guitar), & Taylor (keyboardist)

I have two words.



Blumoon’s performance was an out of body experience for me and I think it was a great way to start off the month of March for I and everyone that got to be apart of this. As they were performing music from their most recently released album I noticed something about the feeling of it all. This execution felt as if everyone in this crowd was right there with the band creating the body of work. It was raw and the love was spread out through dancing, singing and just plain old jamming the fuck out. I know the year has just begun, but I must say this is one of my favorite shows I’ve attended so far. I got all the life I needed in a matter of 2 hours.

So, do yourself a huge favor and listen to Blumoon’s new album, go see that artist/band you’ve never heard of and keep your ears peeled always.


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