Hello! Is anybody out there?! Turn my mic up! I have something to say!

She’s back.

By she I mean her/me/I.


Support ya locals.

I’m telling you this once more because I walked outside in the rain and saw a droplet fall to the ground that was different from the others. I just had to let you know.

Now, we all know Texas is infamous for having a distinct sound, and even aesthetic, when it comes to leaving it’s trail in the entertainment industry, but with every city being so diverse and expressive it’s hard to pin point what will come from artists in the yeehaw state. I came across a unique individual, that goes by the name(s) of Ukeme/Jason Ikpatt, who resides in the out-there city of Austin, TX and I think the words ‘out-there’ perfectly describe what he’s been bringing to the table as an artist. Even his inspirations are independents that are known for their quirks, such as Kanye, Sufjan Stevens & Solange.

Forget about what you’ve been programmed to think growing up. Being different is absolutely accepted and…get this…encouraged.

Ukeme dropped an EP, Indecision, and I can say it definitely left me indecisive on how to feel about it. There is beauty in listening to artists that you don’t know what to expect from because that means you are free to interpret their art just as you please all while enjoying the ride, especially when it’s a concept piece. Duh! Those are supposed to make your brain do flips, jumping jacks and tumbles.

As I listened, I immediately was able to provide my own visionary with the eccentric sounds and muttered sentences. They don’t go together until you realize, they go together. I was standing alone in a corner of a room, with the people I cared about, and watched them have the time of their life, but the environment was pleasingly complacent. This EP will provide you with all your futuristic fantasy needs all whilst making you feel like you’re walking on the walls of the tallest building. An embrace of an experience comparable to sitting in a moving chair as you watch the most beautiful parts of your life replay over and over again.

It was easy to see that Jason’s entire approach with this project was to capture the ethos of oblivion. He wanted you to feel uneasy and he wanted you to feel like the life around you was an illusion itself.

“I think the sound tells you what you’re supposed to say and how you are supposed to say it.” – Jason Ikpatt

So, if art leaves you with feelings of wonder, then that means it’s doing it’s job.

And if you have questions in the end, they will most likely never be answered.

Bask in this for the sake of the impact! & listen to this fucking EP.


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