We are mixing, fixing, and always f*cking listening!

Aye mane, say mane…

I know we Texas fo’ eva like Bun B, but I got something cool for you that’s…not that Texas. I know you’re open minded though, which is why I have faith that this introduction won’t intimidate you at all.

I mean, the talent might intimidate you a little bit. It intimidated me a little bit, but that’s why I decided to even give this artist my undivided attention. Just as you should.

Rap fans! Come hither because this one is really for you. Especially if you are into that underground, hardcore, curb stomp yo’ neck into the street type of rap. Let’s talk about a rapper who resides in the south, but stays true to his north-eastern roots when it comes to his artistry, Pro Zay. A rapper who’s sound has New York written all over it and I know at one point in all of our lives we were obsessed with that scene, so let that freak fly for the one time.

Thankfully, I was introduced to his music early on before the entire world was, but I’m hoping after this put on a lot more of you will listen to what he has to give. Just last year he dropped an album, Powder Shoe Prints, that had me questioning why I had never heard of this artist before. I could lie to you and say it’s something I’ve never heard of before, but instead I’m gonna be honest and say that the execution of it all was definitely something I had never heard before. This album itself gave me somber, yet delightful vibes. Like taking a bite into some licorice, you always forget how bitter it is and then you get into that chew and don’t look back!

I must mention that his inspiration when it comes to his music upbringing was intriguing  enough to make it all make sense. He’s been looking to Ghostface Killa, Kool G, Mobb Deep, and Danny Brown for guidance and even his peer locals that make music as well. C’mon, we love an artist who is the people that is also for the people.

Now, you are probably wondering if Pro Zay has something in the works and don’t you worry ya’ timbs wannabe ass, he does. 3PIECE, a tape that has something for everybody on it. Full of different vocals, different people, different sounds, but the same steez you can expect from somebody as cool as the artist.


And I won’t get your hopes up…

(I’m lying.)

It’s something you’re going to want to have saved in your library. So, go ahead and have the date March 29, 2019 noted into your brain.

If you don’t, that’s okay because I will keep bugging you about it.

I know you want good ass music, so listen to me! You know I know what you want.



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