Look who decided to show!

I’m talking about me.

It’s me who has finally decided to bring this shit back.

All time machine technical difficulties have been fixed and here we are.

It’s Thursday and I’ve been binging rhythm roulette’s for a couple of days, so I wanted to pick something from the vault that I just¬†know¬†you guys will (hopefully) enjoy as much as I do. I didn’t have to dig too deep, considering it was released only 7 years ago, but that’s…old enough and you’re going to bear with me anyway.

You and I love to discuss artists who sing, rap and everything in between. We have only once talked about our backbones, which is why I’m bringing this producer and his album up today.

Though, Tutankhamen (Valley Of The Kings) is not necessarily just an album by 9th Wonder.

It’s a project and I’m going to use this term a little more hardcore in this case.

I know I use that word loosely when talking about drops, but listening to this album in it’s entirety over and over again, I’ve come to the conclusion that there needs to be a lot more respect put on it’s name because it’s an enterprise that was intrusively made up to achieve commemoration.

You feel me?!

You’re probably wondering..why..or you may not be, but if you’re on my wavelength, then you’re definitely wondering why. Listen to the fucking project and you’ll know why.

It’s list comes down to a whopping 30, which seems like a lot. I was overwhelmed myself just looking at the number, but as soon as you hit play…your mind? It goes to a whole different world. A world where you and I were not even thought of being conceived yet and that’s what makes it so magical. 9th’s abilities to teleport you to a dimension with soulful slides, lyrical ladders, and woodnote walls is undeniable. There’s an aesthetic to it all. It’s rustic, but it has spice and that can go for the sound and the track names themselves. This is the one that’s for the culture and by the culture. The fact that he even thinks to sample artists like Black Ivory, Bob James, Windjammer, Magnum Force, The Originals, George Duke, and…shit, a lot more people we haven’t heard of…draws a force to awaken the idea that music is seriously universal. His mind is beyond a lot others when he’s creating something.

His sound is distinct, his style is erect and the way he has chosen to execute it all through amazing collaborations is what makes digging into his discography much more worth it all.

I can only say so much about this project from my bias point of view and can only get so much across to you without over-saturating this experience that you’re supposed to have yourself, but this really is a good one.

Sitting down and listening to a 30 track album sounds like a lot to commit to, but if you can sit through a date that you’re only on for free food…then I know you can take time out of your day to let this project ride out from beginning to end. Unlike that date, this will not leave you disappointed.

I promise.

Also, he’s my favorite producer. Can you tell?


(Honorable mentions: LetMeRideSoul!!!!!, WhenLoveIsNew!!!!!!!!!, Jerryisoff!!!!, Nautliuschop!!!!!, ShoobeedooSoul!!!!!)

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